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Southland Trailer Brochures

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Creating a cohesive strategy that would position a series of product lines that had a history of inconsistent branding, was a challenging but successful endeavor.

The “makeover” was very extensive and included redesigning and updating of numerous product brands and logos.

Even the corporate image was rebooted in order to align and update all aspects of the company and its various product lines.

Preproduction posed many difficult issues. The products themselves were massive pieces of equipment that had to be moved on set by tractor and washing and detailing the product for the photo shoots took many man hours and an industrial pressure washer.

Some of the product only existed in the engineering firms 3D design programs. The models were translated for work in 3D studio Max and then retouched in photoshop.

Extensive retouching included real time photography and model; composites and the addition of exterior graphics and features.

Renn brochure

Royal Cargo brochure

Southland Trailers brochure

STC corporate brochure

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