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video pre and post production

Video Production 

"Webmercials" are the newest form of web media that can create a great impression as a touchpoint or sales tool. They can be extremely effective in promoting your product or company.

SL280 webmercial

The Sl280 commercial was produced for a trailer manufacturing company for use on the web as a marketing tool. The focus of the video was to promote a redesigned product and showcase it’s new features

Royal Trailer  Promo

a short weblet to show the interior construction of the trailer

Full Trailer Promo

The introduction of “Sarah the Sled Girl” as a spokeswoman for the company, was a marketing first in the trailer manufacturing industry. This video launched a campaign that was supported by both web and print..

Trailer Options Launch

The launch of “Sarah the Sled Girl" was followed up by a series of “webmercials” that featured popular product options.

Sled Check Promo

This short promo was developed for to announce a sale special to the dealer network.

Sled Wrap Promo

Part of the over all campaign strategy was to cross promote the manufactures product with other industry leading companies.