Logos and Rebranding

logos • brands • rebranding

logos • brands • rebranding

Showcase project

Logo design for Lethbridge Minor Hockey.

Logo design

Creative, clean and practical ideas make your logo unique. Playing an important part for your business, a logo design creates an image and message for the end user. Its purpose is to uniquely identify your company and brand by making positive and instantaneous impression. 

Logo design needs to be created with care and communication with the client. I provide customers with a brand identity that is not only creative but makes an impact. 


Rebranding is a strategy used in marketing where a new name, logo and/or design are created to replace an established brand. The basic idea is to embed a new identity in the minds of consumers and investors that is radically alternative to the old identity. This will allow them to engage with the new brand as if it is a completely new company or product. 

In the case of Southland Trailers, many different product line logos needed to be updated and given a consistent look that would make them all part of a cohesive brand remarketing strategy.